Traveling Without Bedbugs

There are more and more articles on the news, in papers and on-line about bedbug infestations growing by leaps and bounds. What steps do you need to take to keep bedbugs out of your home.

Traveling Without Bedbugs

Start by never buying used mattresses. You might be bringing them right into your house. Never pick up any used furniture left in the street, it may have been discarded because of an infestation.

If you do buy any other used furniture make sure to carefully check the piece before it is taken into your home. Look for actual bugs or the tell tale fecal drops, like small dark sesame seeds, that indicate an infestation. If there are any of the bugs or signs of them don’t bring the piece into your home!

If you can’t find anything use a powerful vacuum to thoroughly clean every crack and crevice. Use a brush to loosen any potential eggs. Discard the vacuum bag in a sealed plastic bag by taking it outside to the trash immediately. Spray the piece with an approved bug killer. Check again in two weeks to make sure there are no newly hatched bugs. If you already identify bedbug bites, than you most probably are facing a major infestation in your bed.

Even if you buy wooden furniture the bed bugs are small enough that they can hide in the cracks, crevices and imperfections of the wood. So make sure that you inspect any piece coming into your home. Make sure that you then thoroughly clean the furniture with a brush, vacuum, then spray with appropriate bug killer.

There is no proof right now that anything will kill bedbugs eggs before they hatch so remember that it takes as long as two weeks for eggs to hatch. You’ll need to spray again in two weeks to get any new hatchlings.

Moving With Out Bed Bugs

Traveling Without Bedbugs
Encasing your mattress and box spring will prevent them from infestation in case you bring bed bugs back with you. The bite proof Bug Lock encasement from Protect-A-Bed is ideal for the prevention of mattress infestation.

Landlord Responsibility For Bed Bugs
According to a new survey, bedbugs are bothering guests at hotels across Britain, as evidenced by the number of complaints lodged. Bedbugs are bloodsucking insects that travel around in luggage and on clothing.

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The Orkin Pest Control company says that after 50 years more or less without them, it’s now treated bed bugs in all but three states. And according to the National Pest Management Association, bed bug complaints have increased 50-fold … Just a few weeks ago, bed bugs nibbled on the traveling cast of a Broadway musical at a Ramada Plaza in San Francisco.

moving with out bed bugs
Utah, Moab: Bed Bug Attack!, a Travel Blog from Moab. Read blogs, advice and reviews from thousands of real travelers to help research, plan and book your next vacation to Moab. … The bad thing is that bed bugs can survive for up to 18 months without feeding, so it could be a problem for her much later in the future. We are keeping our fingers crossed that this won’t be the case. The "Hole N’ The Rock" museum would have been interesting.

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bed bugs…the scourge of the backpapcker…some hostels have been good i.e. non wooden bunks, regular fumigation (we did it monthly), no sleeping bags in rooms, only hostel linen allowed. if you get one though look can still ….. *decent cleanish showers (though I never travel without my trusty double pluggers), *small bedside light, because you don’t want to turn on the main one to wake the whole dorm.

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