How To Kill Bed Bugs

Bed bug infestations have plagued us in ways that are increasingly bothersome each year. They are hard to detect because of their size, they are extremely annoying because of their bites and they continue to grow in population with ease because of their ability to hitch with just about any moving object. Each and every one is now cramming to know how to kill bed bugs.

If you are suspicious about bed bugs infesting your home, you can confirm their existence by observing yourself first. When you wake up in the morning, do often have unexplained rash or insect bites in your exposed skin like face and arms?

Bed bug bites are the first manifestation of an infestation. You can observe having them in the early hours of morning because these pesky little insects are nocturnal or they are most busy during the wee hours of the night.

After saying yes with the above question then you can look for visual confirmations of this plague. Bed bug signs will include trails that they left behind after a “good hunt” like dried blood (most probably your blood) and brown or rust-colored stains from their fecal matter. You could also see some skin shedding, eggs which look like grains of rice and dried-up larvae if you will pore over your linens very closely. In addition to visual confirmations, bed bugs also have a distinct smell which faintly resembles that of a rotten almond or coriander.

How To Kill Bed Bugs

Now that you have confirmed it with bites, visual confirmation and odor, it’s finally time to answer the next question – “how to kill bed bugs?”
When dealing with bed bugs, one must take note that it is best to hire professional exterminators. They simply have ways that an ordinary person will find it hard to duplicate. But if you must insist in handling this yourself, here are some tips that might guide you how to kill bed bugs.

1.    Wash everything that is washable in a very hot water. Heat can kill those pesky insects but only if the temperature rises to 114 degrees Fahrenheit. After the laundering part, dry them using a dryer set on the highest temp. You can also let them dry outside in the sun but only if it’s extremely hot.

2.    Cold temperature can also work but it must in a freezing state and it would require a  minimum of two weeks freezing time

3.    Get that vacuum cleaner and sweep off the whole infested area and this means literally the whole area. Every nook and cranny, every creaks and crevasse – vacuum all those off and repeat if you’re still not satisfied. Remember to dump them far from your home for they can return again to their original place and it all that hard work will be useless

4.    Steam clean.

5.    You also have to remember a few natural substances that might help you during your combat with bed bugs. They are thyme and tree leaf oil, neem oil and extract, and diatomaceous earth.

Thyme and tree leaf oil can help you repel them although none of its characteristics can kill the insects. Neem oil and its extract on the other hand can help you ease the itch if you have been tragically bitten. Lastly, diatomaceous earth is an all-natural powder which came from ground up algae. They are scattered across the room and its small jagged edges are enough to wound and kill those pests.

6.    Use some chemicals that are recommended to handle this kind of thing. Read and research about these products to ensure that you are using them right and you are placing no risks to your health and your loved ones

7.    You may one to discard your mattress already but if there is only a mild infestation then you can buy some mattress bags to handle them.

8.    Lastly, call a professional if the case is really severe. Do not attempt to handle anything that is more than you can chew because it might end up a waste of your time and resources.

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