Where Do Bed Bugs Live

Parents usually tell their kids before sleeping, “Honey, don’t let the bed bugs bite!” This is an implication that bed bugs exist in reality and sleep right beside you in bed and attack when you fall fast asleep. Does this make the people aware about where these bugs really live?

Or did it ever cross their curious minds if they really stay on the bed, waiting for their victims to stay with them even during their most precious sleep? Well, here’s an insight about where do bed bugs live and where people could possible meet them.

Bed bugs would love to have their victims sleep with them through the night. It is as if they are having a great feast with the victim’s blood, for this is their most staple food. Formally speaking, these bugs live by feeding on blood of human beings and other warm blooded animals. They cause a lot of skin diseases and allergies when they suck on blood of their victims. These bugs are very much active at night, and people can’t fight with them for they are fast asleep.

Well, parents are absolutely right when they tell their siblings the same phrase stated above, for bed bugs live under the bed sheets, pillows and the blankets! As a matter of fact, these bugs are found in various places- in peoples’ home, in hotel rooms, resort cottages with bed and a lot more- most especially if these places aren’t the type that offers luxurious stay, or even not the one that give the assurance of a comfortable sleep. So people should better beware, for if not, these bugs may haunt them and give them worst nightmare in life.

Where Do Bed Bugs Live

According to notes about these insects, these bed bugs were actually common in the United States of America before the Second World War. However, their evident decrease in population appeared during the late forties as the use of the DDT pesticide become widespread, killing the disastrous bed bug population in several areas in the country. The rise of vacuum cleaners may have provided at least a great help in decreasing their population, making them somehow disappear in the developed countries.

Currently, bed bugs seem to be getting a larger family as they increase again in number. One factor viewed was due to immigration and traveling and this is much evident in the third world developing countries.

Research shows that bed bugs do not only exist in beds, for they may also reside in furniture cracks, upholstered sofa beds and other furniture. They could also be seen in curtains and carpets, and may just travel through your beds at night! Places with poor sanitation are most likely to be infested by these insects. Perhaps, the slum areas and of the informal settlers could show evidence of this fact.

Bed bugs are now considered nuisance in a person’s life, for the cause a lot of discomfort to those who want to sleep well at night. People should be cautious about them, and remember that cleanliness is one of the major keys that they should implement first to get rid of these tiny creatures. And these facts give the idea that answers the question, “Where do bed bugs live?”

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