What Do Bed Bugs Eat

People eat in order to live. They take in to their system various food that may include bread, rice, meat and vegetables, and the nutrients that they obtain from these help them sustain life. Here, they get their food from the sea, from the land and the air, where as they cook these and eat to survive.

Now, did it ever cross people’s minds on what animals, particularly the insects take in to their system as food? Or better, what do bed bugs eat in order to live and continuously increase in number? Here, even human beings are actually taking part in the eating process of bed bugs. But in what way do human beings get involved in this activity? And what is it that makes people wonder, “What do bedbugs eat?”

Bed bugs feed on blood, most especially to that of the warm blooded animals. They feed on human blood such that they have special tubes to use in this process. Scientifically speaking, bed bugs are known to be hematophagous, meaning that these are blood sucking insects. They use two hollow feeding tubes that work in ways. The first tube injects saliva to the victim and the other one sucks blood. It has been said that it takes bed bugs to be filled with blood in as fast as five to ten minutes, without the hosts knowing it.

What Do Bed Bugs EatAfter eating, these bugs return to their hiding places which include cracks in furniture, curtains, mats, rags, bed sheets and mattresses. Here, it would be very hard to spot them, unless you hire specially trained dogs in bed bug detection. Otherwise, people should rely to high technology vacuum cleaners and chemically enhanced pesticides.

This will not only spot them, but will also kill them as you want. According to research, bed bugs are attracted to chemicals. They also are attracted to carbon dioxide and warmth from their hosts. Thus, these serve as pieces of evidence to what bed bugs would want to have for their food.

These bed bugs are actually great for they can last for a long time without eating. However, they still find ways on how they can relieve their hunger by constantly finding for a new victim. As a matter of fact, bed bugs can live for one whole year without eating or sucking blood. Normally, these insects eat for five to ten days in order to get satisfied. There are also pesticide resistant bed bugs in Virginia that are reported to live for as long as two months without feeding.

Bed bugs are actually nuisance insects and it would be very nice if people will take the chance to kill them and destroy them before they get the opportunity to cause serious damages. It should always be remembered that bed bugs feed on blood, and they most of the time choose human beings to be their victims.

What matters is that people should be aware of these facts to avoid these bugs and later on feel the best comfort that could be offered in their own homes. Here, it has been known the answer to the question, “What do bed bugs eat?” and it is made certain that people learned how to escape from this bed bug reality.

If you are unlucky enough and bed bugs already invaded your home then you should certainly take all the necessary steps to get rid of them. US Environmental Protection Agency offers you a great article on how to identify and treat bedbugs infestation.

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