Using Isopropyl Alcohol For Bed Bugs

At first you may brush off a red, itchy rash but when this continues you eventually face it and question things. For some people, it is easy to identify as they may run into someone in their apartment building and hear that there is a bed bug problem in the housing.

Because of the number of red rashes that can look the same, it may take some time to get an accurate diagnosis. However, if others in your building are complaining of similar symptoms, it is important to get to the bottom of this. You should consider using bed bugs extermination methods.

Using Isopropyl Alcohol For Bed BugsThe problem is not just in New York City. Scanning Google news today, I see there is a report in the Croydon Guardian stating that London sees a 1500 percent increase in bed bugs in certain sections.

There are also reports today about Vancouver, Canada and Chicago, Illinois showing an increase in bed bugs. In 2008 there were over twenty two thousand calls to 311 in NYC related to bed bug issues and questions.

If you live in an apartment building, try to speak to neighbors to see if they are also having symptoms. You may not actually see the bugs, but you can have a red rash and may see marks on bed linens. Dr. Gangloff-Kaufmann at Cornell says that in the past DDT was used to eradicate the bed bugs, but now since it has been banned the problem has become out of control. Her opinion is that the banning of DDT and other similar chemicals makes getting rid of bed bugs more challenging.

Be careful about buying used mattresses or furniture. Extermination and steam cleaning are used and if you are renting you may need to be persistent to get your landlord to acknowledge the problem. Bedbug bites my get you sued like you would not even immagine. Covering your existing mattress with a vinyl cover can also be useful.

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