Bed Bug Traps

You may be thinking that your daily house cleaning habits especially in your bedding would make you totally free from bed bugs. However, there are instances when you or someone in your house, perhaps a visitor, can actually bring home a bed bug and start an infestation. Traveling is a known contributing factor to the […] Read more »

How To Avoid Bedbugs While Traveling

People usually spend their vacation off from work by going to different places and tourist destinations in or out of the country. Most of the time, they look for places where they could stay in which they can save a lot of money, meaning, they are looking for hotel rooms which are cheap and yet […] Read more »

Detect Bed Bugs With Dog

There are lots of insects residing in a person’s home, such that most of them are not usually seen since they are too small to be noticed. To name a few, there are mosquitoes, flies, and bed bugs that are most of the time found annoying. In connection to this, bed bugs are usually are […] Read more »

Where Do Bed Bugs Live

Parents usually tell their kids before sleeping, “Honey, don’t let the bed bugs bite!” This is an implication that bed bugs exist in reality and sleep right beside you in bed and attack when you fall fast asleep. Does this make the people aware about where these bugs really live? Or did it ever cross […] Read more »

Bed Bugs And Cold Weather

Bed bugs are known to commonly live, thrive and freely reproduce and populate in most tropical countries. They are also known to live in areas where it is hot. However, there are instances when extremely hot temperatures kill them. There are also instances when bed bugs are killed under extremely cold temperatures, leaving a general […] Read more »