Relief Of Bed Bug Bites

It’s happened before…a person wakes up to itchy, scratchy red marks that scatter across the face and body. More often than not, these develop into skin rashes and are mainly caused by bed bug bites. An infestation is often indicated by these skin rashes that appear overnight and only then is the problem discovered.

Relief of bed bug bites are often needed when red welts appear on the skin and become extremely itchy. Bites are initially painless but can lead to skin irritations the longer it stays untreated.

Individual reactions to the bites vary, starting from no visible marks to small spots, prominent wheals formed in an orderly fashion or clustered pattern in reaction to the bed bugs’ saliva.

During sleep, these pests will take a tiny bite to draw blood and will leave tiny dots. Some symptoms however, don’t appear until 1-2 days after and often numerous bites can lead to an erythematous rash or red rashes on the skin or urticaria, when pale red itchy bumps appear on the skin.

Serious complications include psychological (stress, anxiety and insomnia), as well as a development of refractory delusional parasitosRelief Of Bed Bug Bitesis or when the person develops an overwhelming obsession with bed bugs. Constant exposure to bed bugs may even trigger asthma attacks via the effects of airborne allergens.

However, the number one rule in when it comes to relieving the bites is that the person doesn’t scratch the itch to prevent skin breakdown leading to bacterial skin infection. Doctors can also prescribe corticosteroids, hydrocortisone creams and antihistamines to relieve the itching and for those who aren’t too fond of applying creams directly onto the skin, there are also soothing baths and anti-itch powders available.

Home remedies for the relief of bed bug bites can also be done: first thing to do is wash the infected skin with medicated soap so that bacteria don’t invade the wound through the rupture. Mix equal parts of baking soda and salt until it forms a paste, then apply frequently on the bites.

Powdered oatmeal also does the trick, simply pour oatmeal into warm water and make a thick paste. Apply 2-3 times on the infected area. For more extensive relief of bed bug bites, you will need warm water, antiseptic soap, anti-itch cream (calamine or hydrocortisone cream), towel, ice pack and pain medicine such as ibuprofen or aspirin. Start by wetting the affected area and washing it with soap gently and thoroughly.

Rinse the area with warm water until you have removed all the soap. Pat and don’t rub the area dry with a towel then apply the anti-itch cream as per instructions. Place the icepack on the area for approximately 15 minutes.

Apply as frequently as needed to reduce the swelling or inflammation. Take the pain medicine only when you feel pain from the bites.
The itchiness and swelling may not go away for a few days but until then, it is recommended that the infestation be taken care of. Check under the sheets every so often to avoid being bitten.

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