Natural Bedbugs Remedies

Cleaning Infested Areas And Bed Bug Bites Solutions

After hour of sleeping, isn’t it nice to wake up in the morning and start a brand new day? However, it is very frustrating to see your back and other body parts plenty of small sores due to bed bugs.

Bed bug infestation is a common problem affecting many households across the country. These natural bedbugs remedies are guaranteed to help you soothe those small red bites.

1.    Mud Application: Mud is one of the oldest among the simplest poultices in the world. It can be used to soothe bed bug bites by mixing it with herbal tea and white clay powder.

Natural Bedbugs Remedies2.    Fresh Herb Poultices: The nature is endowed with plenty of herbs that have medicinal properties. They can either be chewed or applied directly to bed bug bites. Some of this fresh herbs include Chickweed (Stellaria media), Comfrey (Symphytum uplandica), Wild Geranium (Geranium maculatum), Wild mallow (Malva neglecta), and Yellow dock (Rumex species).

3.    Herbal Leaves: The leaves of willow, maple, oak and hazel tress are useful when it comes.

4.    Starchy Substances: there are certain foods that are rich in starch which can be used to ease the pain and severe itching of bed bug bites. Included in these natural bed bug remedies are grated potato, grains like rice and oatmeal, and mallow roots.

Aside from these bed bug bites remedies that can be found in nature there are also natural bedbugs remedies that you can perform as regular parts of your household’s hygiene.

Some of them include:

1.    Sun Heating: the direct heat of the sun is known to kill certain insects such as bed bugs. The exoskeleton of bed bugs are sensitive to extreme heat such that placing infested objects such as beds and pillow will kill them.

2.    Steaming: the extreme heat produced by steamers can also kill bed bugs residing in beds and carpets. Although it may only kill those are in direct steamer contact. It may not reach other surfaces.

3.    Washing: It is very essential that infected linens, clothes and fabric sheets be washed regularly. Although, this process may require the use of man-made products such as soaps and detergents, it is regarded as one of the natural bed bug remedies because washing the beddings is a natural part of human hygiene.

4.    Vacuuming: Wall cracks, small holes within the floor and corner spaces are known dwelling of bed bugs. Therefore, it is important to vacuum an infested area to physically eliminate them. Bed disassembly and clutter removal in an infested room can also help reach other surfaces that may also be dwelled by bed bugs

These hygienic processes can help you eliminate bed bugs while they are still in egg forms. The previously mentioned bed bugs bite treatments will help you ease your suffering from the itchy and reddish bites as at the same time you focus on cleaning surfaces where they might live and thrive.

And while you employ the natural bedbugs remedies and treatments, knowing the signs of bed bug infestation will help you easily eradicate them. Observe fecal spots or dried blood along mattress seams and behind head boards. Exoskeleton molts or skin casts can also serve clues for bed bug places. In some instances, you can also see their eggs that look like oval grains of rice. Seeing can directly point you to their hide outs!

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