Is Bed Bug Spray Dangerous

There are several ways to kill bed bugs infesting a home. Usually a combination of several steps and methods will eliminate them altogether.

Is Bed Bug Spray Dangerous

For best results and total elimination, a comprehensive cleaning of the house, and an insecticide application to infested areas, should be carried out, under the advice of a professional pest control expert. However in cases where that kind of comprehensive treatment is not required or infestation is only suspected, there are several other steps a homeowner can take to kill bed bugs.

Bed bugs come out at night to feed on the blood of the host. So one of the first steps that can be implemented to kill bed bugs is to remove the physical possibility of their traveling from wherever they are hiding to the host at night. This can be done by separating the bed from any adjacent furniture or walls. Legs of the bed can be coated with Vaseline or mineral oil. Coating should be about 2 inches in width. A barrier of silica aerogel or chalk can also be placed around floor of the bed posts.

Another method that can be used is placement of sticky tape on bed posts so that individual bed bugs can be captured. This would also make it possible to identify the infestation clearly. Double sided carpet tape can also be used to trap bedbugs.

It is also possible to physically remove some of the bed bugs and their eggs. One of the many misconceptions about bed bugs is that they cannot be observed by human eyes. In fact they are about a quarter of inch in length and can be seen. They are not much observed because they tend to hide out in dark crevices and only come out at night. After a through examination around the sleeping area they should dislodged by brushing and scraping their hiding places and by immediately vacuuming before they scramble to another hiding place. Trash in the vacuum bag should be sealed and disposed of safely. Any hiding places and crevices found through this method should be caulked and filled up if possible so that they do not offer shelter to bed bugs in the future.

Various insecticides can be used to kill bed bugs. Most such insecticides available commercially can kill lot of other pests like ants and cockroaches as well. Generally insecticides that kill bed bugs come in the forms of aerosols or dusts, and can be sprayed or spread on the bugs and their hiding places. Unlike with some other insects, bed bugs cannot be baited. These insecticides generally remain effective for a long period.

Other methods of killing bed bugs include placing infested furniture and garments in very cold temperature or in the sun for several days. Bed bugs cannot stand cold temperature or heat for long. This method also destroys bed bug eggs. Before reintroducing the furniture so treated to everyday use again, they should be thoroughly inspected. Symptoms of bed bug bites and pictures of these insects may convince you to handle and get rid of them.

By regularly carrying out such steps a bed bug infestation may be stopped in an early stage.

Dust To Kill Bed Bugs

Is Bed Bug Spray Dangerous
The old-fashioned methods for killing bed bugs, such as washing bedding and garments in really hot water, still work. In addition, though, we now can use clothes driers which, when set on the highest heat, do a good job of destroying bed bugs.

Chemical To Kill Bed Bugs
Kill the vermin! Treatment steps: Treatment is often so very difficult because bed bugs can hide and live in so many different places. An extremely thorough house cleaning and special insecticide spraying is the only way to ensure death.

Getting Rid Of Bed Bugs With Cold Treatment
While you can treat small areas of a room with products that heat up quickly, there is no real way to do the same for large items such as bed mattresses and other similar items so this isn’t a recommended way of trying to kill bed bugs.

How do you get rid of bed bugs without exterminator
How big are adult bedbugs and how to kill them? My neighbors had bed bugs and had to throw away their mattress. How do I prevent them from getting in mine? Would you welcome the limited return of the wonder pesticide DDT to get rid of them?

Kill Bed bugs dead with PuraCleenRX
Looking for a bed bug control product with some teeth? Q Based health care is offering a bed bug product with an actual guarantee to kill Bed Bugs Dead. The product is a bed bug spray called PuraCleenRX that works on the exoskeleton.

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