How Does A Bed Bug Look Like

Bed bugs are insects that belong to a specific family known as Cimicidae where they are rightfully placed along with its nearest relatives such as bat bugs (Cimex pilosellus), and poultry bugs (Haematosiphon inodorus). The common bed bug is known scientifically as Cimex lectularius while the tropical bed bug is known as Cimex hemipterus.

Despite the differences in scientific names, all of them are tiny creatures that are harmful to their chosen hosts. However, the most common species that is affecting most households is the common bed bug. Therefore, knowing the characteristics of bed bugs can help you identify if you are under their infestation. But how does a bed bug look like?

Common bed bugs are also known as household bed bugs. They are small, nocturnal and wingless insects. They are oval in shape and can grow up to 4 to 5 millimeters long when they are fully matured. With regards to their skin, their color is usually rustic brown to deeper red brown variation. Matured species have flat bodies. They are also thin making them easily penetrate cracks and holes that is why they are usually found inhabiting headboards, floor cracks, under the carpets, and behind loose wallpapers. In other instances, they can also inhabit curtains and other fixtures such as antique ones.

How Does A Bed Bug Look LikeMost people have difficulty describing bed bugs when asked how does a bed bug look like. This is because during their early stages or when they are considered nymphs, they can appear lighter or paler in color and sometimes translucent. They only attain a redder or brown exoskeleton as they suck more blood from human hosts, and about this time they peel off their old exoskeleton. They can usually achieve this within five or six times of blood sucking. In general, bed bugs are actually small and tiny insects; however, there are instances when they can grow up to 3/16 of an inch in length, about the size of an apple seed.

Because of the diversity in species, it is extremely important to remember that common household bed bugs as well as the tropical bed bugs primarily infests a house because it needs the blood of humans to survive. However, bat bugs that are commonly known to feed on the blood of bats, can also possibly seek human blood. They can also possibly infest a house, especially old houses that are near trees that are dwelling places of bats. If within the perimeter of your house, you have chicken houses, poultry bugs can also possibly infest your house and possibly attack you to suck blood for survival.

Therefore, in instances when you may have difficulty determining bed bugs because of the complexity in color and appearance contributing to a somehow difficult way of telling how does a bed bug look like, their smell might help you. They emit a fluid in an oil form that is really strong in odor. When you smell bad and strong odor from your beddings, this might be an indication that there are bed bugs within them. Online articles like Better Health can also help you to understand more about characteristics, preferred hiding spots of bed bugs and how to avoid infestation.

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