Frontline Bedbugs

Bed bugs are becoming a nuisance to more and more people. Reports of infestations are soaring. Especially among places where people live together closely like apartments, condos, hotels, motels and dorm rooms at colleges.

How To Protect Yourself From Hotel Bedbugs

This recent spike in infestations is thought to be in part because of increased world travel. The nasty little bugs can hide in luggage and hitch a ride around the world.

One problem is that because the infestations are a relatively recent problem, a lot of bed bugs extermination experts are not trained in bed bug treatment. Another part of the problem is that the bedbugs are more resistant than in the past to insecticides.

When an inexperienced exterminator comes across an infestation they will often try to treat it the same way that they would other bugs and that just doesn’t work.

Most infestations are in the areas where people sleep since the bed bug is a nocturnal insect and will generally only feed in the hours just before dawn. It is not unusual for the victim to be unaware of an infestation until they notice a bed bug bite. Whenever you are wondering what the heck are those hard black bugs in my bed, you are most likely to be facing a severe bedbug infestation.

A successful plan of treatment includes several steps.

  • Verify an actual infestation
  • De-clutter area around the infestation to limit hiding places.
  • Use a brush to loosen eggs from the bed.
  • Thoroughly vacuum the mattresses and box springs.
  • Thoroughly clean and vacuum all floors and furniture around the bed.
  • Wash all bedding and clothes in the area with as hot of water as possible and dry extra long on high heat.
  • Chemically treat the area with a product designed to get rid of bed bugs.
  • Chemically treat all points where they might get access your home.
  • Re-treat and re-clean the area weekly for three to four weeks to get missed eggs.

If you are concerned about infestations in your mattress you might buy a sealable cover for the mattress, box springs and pillows to keep anything in them trapped and prevent further infestation. Just make sure that the covers state they are for use against the bedbug.

You can get rid of bed bugs, you just need to be persistent.

Frontline Bedbugs

Frontline Bedbugs
At home later, asked if he was sure they were bedbugs, Aaron replied, “no doubt.” An MTA employee riding in the car first noticed the man and bugs, and notified police who then removed the bed bug hotel from the train at 96th St.

How To Protect Yourself From Hotel Bedbugs
The purpose of the board is to study the health concerns of bed bugs and make specific recommendations to the mayor and to the city council, within nine months, on the “prevention and treatment of bed bug infestations.

Bedbugs Can Suck It
Party’s over, bedbugs. Today Mayor Bloomberg (heard of him? We humans call him the MAD DOG) has just created a Bedbug Advisory Board to take the fight to you. A veritable Justice League is forming, comprised of the best and brightest in …. 9) Create an online, publicly-available bedbug mapping program, where potential tenants and hotel guests can check in advance to see if there has been a recent bedbug infestation in their intented apartment or hotel.

Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite
While you only need to check your house rarely, you should definitely check your bed if you are traveling and staying in a hotel. Bed bugs thrive in places where lots of people congregate to sleep.

City Establishes Bedbug Advisory Board
Bed Bugs Resource is intended to provide information about these hardy insects to the general public. In addition, it is allows readers to post questions about how to deal with them.

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