Controlling Bed Bugs

One common way that these nasty little critters are brought into our home is when we travel and stay in a hotel or at someone else’s house.

Bed Bugs Hotel Hourly

They are always looking for new places to hide and your luggage might seem like the perfect place to them. So why not prevent bedbugs from bitting you while you travel or stay in diffferent Hotels.

Whenever you check into a hotel room, make sure that the first thing that you do is to set your luggage up off the floor and away from the bed area. Then inspect the room. Controlling bedbugs infestation in Hotels is not as frequent as guests would like.

Pull back the sheets and look for the telltale signs of blood smears, actual bugs or their fecal droppings. Check drawers and under the furniture near the bed.

If you find anything you might think about asking for a new room. If it looks clear take a few precautions. The person just before you may have brought some of the critters in with them and the infestation is just starting.

Keep your luggage off the floor and away from the bed. Hang clothes but don’t use the dresser drawers. If you need the space, get a large zip-lock sealed plastic bag to store your clothes in rather than just setting them in the drawers.

Put dirty laundry in another zip-lock sealed bag. Do a quick inspection of your bag and clothes before you check out.

When you get home, inspect your bag and clothes again before you take them into your home. If you found anything during your inspection at your room or later with your bag don’t even take them into your home. If you are able to identify bedbug bites than you most probably stay in a heavily infested room.

Leave the bags in the car and take the clothes to a professional cleaner outside the home. If the luggage is inexpensive just toss it. If it is expensive you could try to fumigate it.

Even if you don’t find anything take the clothes immediately and wash them in as hot of water as possible and let them dry extra long. The heat and detergent should kill any unseen bugs.

Remember, that the best way to stop a bed bug infestation is to kill them before it even starts. Use these simple steps to keep bed bugs away from your home.

Glenwood Springs Hotel And Bed Bugs

Controlling Bed Bugs
Hotel owners, especially, should be vigilant in the effort to rid their properties of bedbugs because they could be liable to their guests for the itchy bites that they receive.

Glenwood Springs Hotel And Bed Bugs
Apparently, DDT was the only thing that kept them in check and when it was banned, the bed bugs returned with a vengeance. They are everywhere now–even in some of New York’s nicest hotels.

Fitzgerald Hotel
But bed bugs are making a comeback. And it may reach your own household if you checked-in in a bed bug infested motel or hotel. Hotel bed bugs are not.

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Bedbugs Can’t Hide From Ruby and Pasha
Our dogs have found bedbugs in suitcases in the lobby as people were coming in” in hotels, Mr. Frey said. Nosing around in guest rooms, Ruby and Pasha have discovered them in items every hotel room has – Bibles and telephone books.

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