Can Bedbugs Be Spread From The Home Into The Workplace

Don’t Bring Bed Bugs Home From College

How Are Bedbugs Transmitted

Bed bugs are at an all time epidemic level. There was more than a 1000% increase in reported infestations between 2007 and 2008 with no slow down in sight. Part of the problem is that they have become increasingly chemical resistant.

One huge area of infestations is college dorms. These areas are a natural. Closely packed rooms full of warm bodies. If just one of the rooms become infested, the whole dorm can suffer infestation. Then your college kid can bring them into your home.

To make sure that any bugs from college are kept out of your home, make sure to inspect luggage and clothes before they come into the house.

Encourage the use of tote bags that can be washed along with the laundry. Look for the actual bed bugs, blood smears or the telltale fecal matter drops. If you find anything leave the bags in the car till you can take them directly to a commercial cleaner.

Even if you don’t find anything on initial inspection, any clothes should be washed immediately in as hot of water as possible and dried on high heat.

If you found anything during your inspection make sure that you prepare your child for their return to college. Give them mattress and pillow covers that are specifically bug proof. These are designed to seal bugs inside and not allow new ones to infest.

Instruct your young collegiate on the steps that they need to take to protect themselves. Make sure that dirty laundry is off the floor and in a airtight bag. Keep the bed sheets from hanging over onto the floor. Use a proven dusting product at all ingress points to the room to keep bugs out. If you are wondering if bedbugs can spread from the home into the workplace than you should be aware of City of Vancouver bedbugs infestation, where a lot of these cases have been reported.

Make sure whenever laundry is done to wash it in as hot of water as possible and dry it on high heat. Finally, if there is any sign of bed bugs, make sure that they know to report them to the proper people so steps can be taken to exterminate bedbugs before a major infestation.

Can Bedbugs Be Spread From The Home Into The Workplace

Can Bedbugs Be Spread From The Home Into The Workplace
Because bed bug infestations are spread throughout cities (and college campuses, I’d guess) on infested furniture that’s been discarded without proper sealing and without proper warning to people who might pick it up and take it home.

How Are Bedbugs Transmitted
Just as they’ve made an itchy, scratchy comeback in hotel rooms, bedbugs increasingly are appearing in dorm rooms, say college officials and pest-control experts, who are busy devising ways to eradicate the bloodsuckers.

Moving Without Bed Bugs
Back in September, the George Washington University student paper, The GW Hatchet, reported that one student was known to have received bed bug bites at a pre-semester off-campus retreat.

news media focuses on bed bugs
struggling with bed bugs would do well to consider some of the bed bug detection and treatment procedures which are being employed at other colleges, including searches by bed bug sniffing dogs and heat treatment of belongings.

Bedbugs make an unwelcome appearance
via Yale Daily News – Bedbugs make an unwelcome appearance in Lanman-Wright. Every student in every college should be educated about bed bugs — no one should think that bed bugs only exist in nursery rhymes.

Bed Bug Central Blog
Posted on Friday August 29th, 2008 at 08:01 in audio & video. Bed Bugs are greeting some college students as they head back to school. TODAY’s Matt Lauer talks to Entomologist Richard Cooper about avoiding the pests.

Bed Bugs, Cursing Elderly, Rock Stars
I have never liked the “Don’t let the bedbugs bite” saying, which I’m assuming hearkens back to the days when bedbugs were a very real problem. It seems morbid and makes me itchy. One of those creepy “Ring Around the Rosy” things where the cutesy saying …. That Appetite for Destruction cassette got me through my first year of college.

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