Bugs That Look Like Bedbugs

Bed Bugs are insects that have evolved to live by feeding on warm blooded animals like mammals and birds. There are several species of bed bugs in the world. The species that is best adapted to feed on human blood is known scientifically as "Cimex lectularius". Other species of bed bugs specialize in birds and bats. However they too sometimes feed on human blood. There are also several other insects that show similar behavior and are usually called bed bugs in common parlance. However normally the creature we refer to as the bed bug is Cimex lectularius.

Bugs That Look Like Bedbugs

An adult bed bug is about 4mm or quarter of inch in length and half that in width. It has a reddish brown color and has an oval shaped flat body. After feeding, sucked blood can be observed through their bodies. Newly hatched bed bugs are known as nymphs and have a whitish tan color and are size of a poppy seed. They shed their skin or molts as they grow. In case of Cimex lectularius this happens five times.

Bed bugs show greatest activity about an hour before dawn. However their activity is not limited to night but depend on the feeding opportunities presented to them. They find the host animal by sensing heat and carbon dioxide exhaled by the host. They feed by inserting two tubes through the skin of the host. One tube is used to inject saliva that prevent blood from congealing and also act as an anesthetic. That way the host cannot feel the bite. Other tube is used to suck blood. After sucking blood for about five minutes it will return to a hiding place in a dark place. They do not need to feed everyday and usually do so at about every five or ten days. Experiments have shown that they can live up to eighteen months without feeding by entering into a dormant state till they are near a food source. Active bed bugs on the other hand live only about six months.

Bed bug bites become noticeable only after the human body becomes sensitized to them and saliva the bugs inject through repeated attacks. Bed bugs are not transmitters of diseases though some of their victims may get skin infections. Others may get scars from excessive scratching of the bite area. Pathogens inside the bed bug cannot enter the host due to complicated biological reasons.

Bed bugs can lay about three to five eggs at a time and may lay eggs a hundred times during their lifetime. In other words a female lays about three to five hundred eggs throughout its life. Eggs are about 1 mm in length and can be seen through the naked eye. After a period of two weeks the eggs hatch. Hatchlings can feed on blood almost immediately. They reach maturity in about five weeks after molting through five skins.

When not feeding they remain in dark crevices and holes to avoid detection. Their small flat bodies help in this concealment.

What Do Bed Bug Bites On a Child Look Like

Bugs That Look Like Bedbugs
Get a pest management professional to train your housekeepers to recognize early Bed Bug signs as they do their daily cleaning. Have a written plan in effect to expeditiously deal with a suspected Bed Bug event.

What’s a Treatment For Bed Bugs
The itching escalated, until, at the end of the night I was on my hands and knees, examining our sheets in search of the bed bugs that I was certain were lurking in the fluffy darkness of the duvet.

What Do Bed Bug Bites On a Child Look Like
When people don’t recognize bed bugs or infestation signs (and who would when they haven’t seen this before) it’s harder to control these critters. People, from hotel owners to travelers, don’t want to admit they have a problem.

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The spined soldier bug, for example, feeds on caterpillars, sawfly larvae, and grubs. Most predatory stink bugs are generalist feeders, so they might also devour your lady beetles or even their own kin. You can recognize stink bugs by their shi fef eld-shaped bodies, and the pungent odor they produce when disturbed. … Beware of Bed Bugs. Description, Life Cycle, and Habits of Bed BugsWhy Has There Been a Rise in Bed Bug Infestations?

bed bug bites
Until I find the bed bug bites, that is. Two typical fang-style bumps on the left hand. Left arm. Right arm. Bilaterally on the hips too. Sets of two or three. Itch. Itch. Naturally, dad doesn’t have a single one.

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