Bedbugs Boric Acid

There are numerous insecticides that promise to eliminate bed bugs. Boric acid is one of them. However, unlike other insecticides, boric acid is generally considered safe and not more toxic than table salt, making it a safe solution to eliminate bed bugs and other house insects like ants and cockroach.

How boric acid works?

Boric acid is an inorganic substance, often colorless or white crystal and often used as an insecticide, antiseptic, flame retardant, and neutron absorber. It is available in powder and gel form and effectively kills insects without posing danger to human health.

The paste or gel form is usually combined with chemical attractants to draw insects to the paste or gel. The acid acts as a stomach poison which later affects the metabolism of the insect. The dry powder is essentially similar to diatomaceous earth, another bed bug eliminator, as it cuts the insects’ exoskeleton and ultimately causes dehydration.

Bedbugs Boric Acid

To eliminate bedbugs, boric acid should be used in places with low humidity. While there are no great dangers when using boric acid, chronic exposure can induce vomiting as well as nausea to allergic and highly sensitive individuals.

For general care, boric acid must be applied in areas where it could not come into contact to human skin. Diluted solutions are safer but are somewhat less effective in eliminating bed bugs.

Boric acid is a cheap and effective way to control and eliminate bed bug population inside the house. It does not have to be reapplied often as it is an inorganic material that has long residual life and has low repellency. Apply boric acid, either in powder, paste, or gel form, in crevices, cracks, and corners where it is not easily inhaled or come into contact with pets and children.

Other non-toxic alternative

•    Remove beddings, pillow cases, cushion covers, comforters, and other bed coverings. Wash all of it in very hot or boiling water. For further disinfection, spin them dry on a hot dryer for 20 minutes to ensure that all the bed bugs are eliminated.

•    If an infestation is suspected, wash all the bed covers, both clean and used, in hot or boiling water. Dry and place in a sealable plastic before storing away in cabinets.

•    Use products that contain diatomaceous earth to eliminate bed bugs.

•    Use double sided tape on bedposts, poles, and leg of furniture to catch crawling bed bugs.

•    Steam clean furnishings that cannot be washed. A powerful steam cleaner is also effective when dealing with bed bugs inside crevices and hard to reach areas.

•    Vacuum the whole bed, furniture, carpets, and other furnishings frequently to catch bed bugs. If possible, use the vacuum at night as bed bugs are nocturnal and feed at night.

•    Pets are also easy targets of bed bugs. Treat them with a shampoo that kills fleas and bed bugs as well.

•    Spray 70% isopropyl type alcohol on the surface of bed mattresses, pillow cases, and other bed coverings to eliminate visible bed bugs. Boric acid can also be sprinkled on the carpets, floorings, and other furniture.

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