Efficient Use of a Bed Bugs Spray

If you are considering purchasing bed bugs spray then before using it in your home it would be useful to take a moment to read the following tips and advice. Only if you understand how to use the spray efficiently would you be able to get rid of this most frustrating of problems.

If you believe that by following the instructions on the spray correctly you will have no problem of getting rid of bedbugs you would be wrong, you will need a deeper understanding of the life and cycle of the all too common bed bug.

The first step would involve preparing the room or rooms for the treatment that is to be given. Make sure you clean all the surfaces and vacuum the area thoroughly before commencing with the spraying.

It is important to not underestimate the amount of bed bug spray that would be required. If you do not have enough then the pests can quickly breed and re-infect decontaminated areas over time. For this reason it is better to purchase too much spray rather than too little. It is vital to drench the room with the spray, it is unlikely that a single bottle would be sufficient.

Bed Bugs Spray

You should try to stick to a single brand of bug spray whenever possible. This is because not every product is the same, certain sprays may end up counteracting each other and then reducing the effectiveness at eradicating the annoying pests.

Before you can start to spray the rooms in your home you will need to consider how to go about it. In each room it is preferable to start in the area that is furthest away from the door and then work backwards before exiting. Make sure that you spray every single crevice and nook that is in the room and not just the bed itself, this includes the walls around the bed, windowsills, curtains, electrical sockets, and other belongings and furnishings.

If you have any possessions that you do not want to coat with a bed bug spray then take them outside on a sunny day and leave them to air for as long as possible. A bed bug cannot live in temperatures above one hundred and twenty degrees Fahrenheit.

When it comes to cleaning the mattress you need to think about whether you would want to lie down on a bed and inhale fumes that may have been left behind by the spray. If you can afford it get hold of a new mattress that has a special anti bed bug covering. This cover would help to prevent the movement of any bed bugs that enter the home.

Before you can finish the process you should cover the perimeter of the room with spray and also place a few sticky boards covered in glue around the areas to catch any bugs that may have escaped the initial treatment.

You may need to repeat the spraying process over a number of days for it to be one hundred per cent successful. It would be best not to use the sprayed room for a number of days until the pesticide and level of bed bugs has seriously diminished.

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