Ways To Kill Bed Bugs Naturally

Bed bugs killed naturally can be done and would work well with small infestations but for better results, it is recommended that they be used in conjunction with an exterminator’s advice or specially designed pesticides.

But for safety purposes, any infestation big or small must be addressed quickly to avoid health complications. Bed bugs killed naturally are better than bed bugs allowed to have their way of the bedroom and the entire house.

Bed bug infestations are common and happen even with the cleanest houses and best five star hotels. The infestation starts when guests who came from infected houses stay at another house or if a guest is wearing clothing that are infested with bed bugs. An infestation also happens quickly if not prevented immediately because adult bed bugs multiply at an average of five times and lay their eggs in a safe hiding place. An egg hatches in one to four months, which is responsible for the increasing infestation.

Bed Bugs Killed NaturallyFirst locate the bed bugs. These nocturnal critters can be found in nooks and crannies, inside mattresses, linen and drapery. They love warm places as carbon dioxide is their way of knowing when a warm-blooded meal is at hand and will travel towards the nearest source of food regardless the distance.

Bed bug infestations are very hard to stop but with the utmost patience as it is a lot of hard work, it can be done. Use sticky paper to find the bugs and squish them or to find out where they are nesting. Washing everything in very hot water also helps kill the bugs in every stage since they cannot live in extreme temperatures exceeding 45 degrees Celsius. Purchase or rent a steamer machine or unit and aim the nozzle directly at the bed bugs at a low vapour rate and high temperature.

In the old days, a combination of eucalyptus and some other aromatic plant burned over a peat fire was thought to kill bed bugs but studies made show that this doesn’t have any significant effect at all. Bed bugs can also be naturally killed by vacuuming areas with bed bugs to remove as many as possible, then spray rubbing alcohol on the affected areas as rubbing alcohol kills bed bugs on contact.

Dry all infected items of clothing or bedding at the highest temperature for at least 20 minutes and this should be repeated as well for all items that can’t be placed in the dryer. Wrap all mattress covers in vinyl or fabric that will zip all the way to prevent the bed bugs from coming in or going out.

And lastly, clean the house of any dead bugs. Seal all holes, pipes and cracks to prevent bed bugs from re-infesting. As mentioned, clean houses do not mean no bed bugs but take care to check the bed sheets and mattresses as well as the other furniture every now and then to check for any bug feces, skins or residue as this will be an indication that the house is due for another treatment.


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