Bed Bugs And Cold Weather

Bed bugs are known to commonly live, thrive and freely reproduce and populate in most tropical countries. They are also known to live in areas where it is hot. However, there are instances when extremely hot temperatures kill them.

There are also instances when bed bugs are killed under extremely cold temperatures, leaving a general thought to most people that bed bugs do not attack during cold and winter months. Nonetheless, there are many household owners who complain of bed bug infestations even during cold, winter months when they are thought to be inactive. What is the real relationship of bed bugs and cold weather? How does cold weather affect bed bugs and their behavior?

A common measure implemented by most house owners during warm months is to turn on the air conditioning units in the coldest setting they can tolerate. While this can partially make some of the bed bugs to be dormant and inactive, they are just actually waiting for the right time to relocate and move to other parts of your house.

Bed Bugs And Cold WeatherRemember that bed bugs do not only inhabit beddings, they can also live in carpets, curtains, furniture, and within wall and floor cracks. If you are living in multi-unit housing structures such as apartments and condo units, it is also possible for the bed bugs to travel and move to adjacent units through pipes, walls, floorings and ceilings.

While other insects experience a dramatic decline in activity, bed bugs are completely opposite. Bed bugs and cold weather seem to be directly proportional to each other. As cold months occur, bed bugs become rather wise. They look for ways where they can relocate. During cold months, when travel times increases, there are higher chances of bringing home a bed bug to start an infestation. They are known to inhabit motels, hotels, and lodging inns where most individuals reside when they are far from their homes.

Nonetheless, while bed bug infestations increase in several states and countries even if the weather is cold, there are still methods that utilize cold temperatures to kill bed bugs. Even though turning on your air conditioning units to its lowest setting cannot effectively kill bed bugs, it can somehow halt egg production giving you more time to eradicate mature bed bugs while they are still incapable of producing eggs. Most bed bug terminators agree that bed bugs are killed under temperatures lower than 32 degrees Fahrenheit, therefore soaking your beddings in cold water especially with adequate amount of ice can also kill bed bugs.

Other individuals take advantage of the cold weather and place their beddings, bed frames and mattresses out in the extreme cold and make the bed bugs freeze in snow, eventually killing them. Another effective method to kill bed bugs through cold temperature is to have your beddings freeze for one week. It might also be helpful if you can access an industrial freezer to accommodate your large beddings.

The relationship of bed bugs and cold weather is a bit full of odds. While they experience dormancy and inactivity, they also take advantage of the cold weather to move somewhere else where they can start a new infestation. They live others and their eggs behind to continue an infestation shall proper termination methods are not applied. Nonetheless, they also die in extremely cold settings.

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