Bed Bug Traps

You may be thinking that your daily house cleaning habits especially in your bedding would make you totally free from bed bugs. However, there are instances when you or someone in your house, perhaps a visitor, can actually bring home a bed bug and start an infestation.

Traveling is a known contributing factor to the rise of bed bug infestation cases. Residing in short periods of times in motels, hotels, lodging inns and apartelles are perfect times for bed bugs to hitch a ride to your home your home. And as such, before you get totally infested, the use of bed bug traps is advised to prevent them from populating.

Commonly, traps for bed bugs are commercially products that clone their favorite hide outs through patented designs. Some manufacturers make traps that imitate the appearance of headboards, box springs and other dwelling places of bed bugs. But in general, they are actually slim devices that employ the use of adhesive systems that catch and trap bed bugs until they are killed. Some even contain alert systems that are scientifically designed to warn you upon detection of bed bug presence or upon detection of an early infestation sign.

Bed Bug TrapsThere are many advantages associated with the use of bed bug traps aside from the given early detection of an infestation, they are also odorless due to the absence of strong chemicals that are not only known to produce strong odors but are also dangerous to the health.

Using traps for bed bugs is specifically beneficial for persons with allergic reactions to some active ingredients present in most insecticides. They are also safe to use even when your children and household pets are present.

Traps for bed bugs are also considered earth friendly because they do not have chemicals that can potentially pollute the air. Nonetheless, they are also easy to use and install. They can simply be attached to the favorite hideouts of bed bugs. They use the natural habits of bed bugs against them. They are also available in different forms and brands, thus you can expect a great horizon of choices. They are also available in pocket friendly prices such that they will not hurt your budget at all.

Not only residential houses can benefit from the use of bed bugs. Most infestations start from hotel or motel rooms that are not frequently inhabited. Owners of temporary residing spaces can use electronic traps that harness carbon dioxide. It is a fact that bed bugs are attracted by the warmth produced by the human body as well as the odor that is produced by the carbon dioxide released by certain parts of the body. The carbon dioxide from the traps lures them and brings them out of their hiding places.

Setting bed bug traps is truly a key in the prevention of bed bug infestations. It attacks bed bugs while they are not yet large in population and even when they are in their earliest stages of life development. Install more traps for quicker eradication!

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