Bed Bug Extermination Products

With the curse of bed bugs sweeping across the nation today and these little nuisance being officially declared as the pest of the 21st century, there are many bed bug extermination products that are launched and available for consumers everywhere.

These bed bug extermination products range from technologically advanced to downright conventional. In this article you can find a quick list of the products available in battling these insects. If you are infested with these pesky little things chances are you’ve already heard some of them but if not then it’s about time that you do.

Bed bug kits

Bed bug kits are a collection of bed bug exterminator products that are bundled together for clients. These kits have different set of products but the most common inclusions  are killer sprays, diatom dusts, bed bug barrier tapes, mattress encasing, box-spring encasing and hand duster. All of these are aimed to eliminate the bed bugs and to make it as simple as possible so as not to complicate the do-it-yourself process of bed bug extermination.

Bed bug mattress covers

Bed bug mattress covers or encasements are sort of bed covers that totally enclosed the mattress inside. This lock the mattress in so as not to let the bed bugs enter the cushion. They are also bed bug bite-proof. Aside from bed bug mattress covers, there are also pillow covers and box-springs encasements. This set is a good way to trap the existing bed bugs inside the mattress, pillow or box-springs and to keep the others away from infesting it.

Bed bug spray

Bed bug sprays are the most popular among the bed bug extermination’s line of products. This is because  they are relatively easy to use, you just spray to the infested area and wait till the substance sets in. There are two kinds of bed bug sprays. One is the natural insecticide which is oil-based and the other one is chemical based-insecticide. Their mechanism of action is to spray a substance called pyrethrin to paralyze the bug’s nervous system which ultimately can lead to their deaths. The product is effective to bed bug problems but it is not advisable for severe infestations. During severe cases, it is strongly suggested  to purchase the whole bed bug extermination kit or better yet, call an expert exterminator to deal with the infestation.

Bed bug traps

They are exactly what it says. They are appliance or device designed to trap bed bugs by different measures or ways. They can either be glue traps, monitors, or detection systems.

Bed bug dusts

They are mostly odorless and do not leave unattractive stains to the areas being applied with. They are one of the top most picks among exterminators because of ease of usage and practicality. They have a long shelf life which can even lasts of up until 6 months. These bed bug dusts are also considered one of the safest ways to eradicate the pests.

Bed bug vacuums

Bed bug vacuums are vacuum appliances designed to suck the bed bugs in and trap them in there.

Bed bug steamers

Steam is one of the must-have appliance of professional exterminators and they are now made available in the market for non-professional users. They are reliable, durable and easy to use. They also have great results when used.

Bed bug monitors

They are bed bug extermination products that are proactive preventive devices against pests. They use cutting edge technology like pheromones and thermal heat as lure or carbon dioxide emissions to mimic human characteristics.

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