Bed Bug Extermination Process

Let’s face it. Bed bugs are really hard to eliminate.

When you have confirmed that your suspicions are true that you really do have bed bugs, the first thing that you need to do is go to your computer, research for the best bed bug extermination deals and call them.

Leave it all to the professionals for it will the safest, most effective thing that you can do in dealing with these highly irritating insects…but they don’t do everything alone. You are also in the team of bed bug extermination. Read the guide below and learn the things that you are responsible of whenever there will a bed bug extermination in your house.

Bed Bug Extermination Process1.    Even if you have personally identified that you have a bed bug problem, the exterminators will most likely visit your place to verify your identification. Do not be offended, this is simply a procedure that will ensure that they will do their job right

2.    Once confirmed, a schedule for the bed bug extermination will be set. Prior to this schedule, a day or a few hours before, you should remove all the linens, covers, and clothing that may have come in contact with the bed bugs. Take every precaution so as to gather even those fabrics in the storage. Wash them in hot water and put them in the dryer to dry. Steam clean those that are not machine washable.

3.    Place the washed and dried up clothes in bins or storage bags then seal it. Make sure that there is no way that these bed bugs will find a way to hide in them or cling to them during the bed bug extermination process

4.    It is most likely that the exterminators will need access to every creaks and crevasses of your home especially to those areas where the bed bugs were found. Empty these rooms of all linen or clothing.

5.    Unplug the electronic devices inside the areas to be exterminated. Gather and bind up the wires in order for the exterminators to move more freely inside.

6.    Vacuum everything that needs to be vacuumed and steam clean the carpets, rugs, couch, cushions, pillows and mattresses

7.    Toss your mattress and you might want to do some caulking. Caulk your walls and wood cracks to ensure that no bed bugs are hiding in there

8.    You may also remove the switch plates because the bed bugs are often found hiding in them too

9.    Pile up all the furnitures in one room and empty the shelves and drawers because the bed bugs may also take refuge in there

10.    If the exterminators arrived, leave your contact number and get theirs. Since they will be using pesticides and chemicals during the bed bug extermination process, you might have to leave and stay out for about 4 hours or so.

11.    Once done, leave the mattresses, cushions and other furniture to dry since the chemicals used during the whole bed bug extermination process might irritate your skin.

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