Bed Bugs Insecticide

One of most popular way of killing bed bugs is with the use of insecticides or a pesticide that are especially formulated to affect some of their mechanics and processes that will eventually lead to their deaths. There are many types of bed bug insecticide. They are available in various forms such as spray and […] Read more »

Bed Bugs And Steam

STOP STEAMING OVER BED BUGS Tired of waking up to itchy, scratchy red marks all over? Tired of finding little creepy crawlers staking their claim over the bed? Bed bugs are to blame. Cimicidae or more commonly known as bed bugs are parasitic insects that feed exclusively on the blood of warm-blooded animals or in […] Read more »

How To Kill Bed Bugs

Bed bug infestations have plagued us in ways that are increasingly bothersome each year. They are hard to detect because of their size, they are extremely annoying because of their bites and they continue to grow in population with ease because of their ability to hitch with just about any moving object. Each and every […] Read more »

Home Bed Bug Killer Remedies

While bed bugs can be traditionally eradicated using high heat or steam or simply by spraying rubbing alcohol, there are actually homemade remedies for bed bug killers that one can undertake to end infestation once and for all. Diatomeceous Earth – an insecticide that is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. It is made from the fossilized […] Read more »

Bed Bug Removal

Understanding The Process Of Bed Bug Removal All bed bugs feed on human blood; they have no preference for male, female, young or old. A typical adult variety has a body that is reddish brown in color and is approximately four or five millimeters in length. When feeding, their abdomen enlarges considerably and they become […] Read more »

Bed Bugs Detection Methods

Bed bugs infestation is a growing concern. It is a well-known fact that when bed bugs multiply in substantial number your savings will be siphoned off. This will leave you no choice but to spend thousands of dollars to meet the scenario. To avoid this situation, you have to commit yourself to perform early bed […] Read more »

What Do Bed Bugs Eat

People eat in order to live. They take in to their system various food that may include bread, rice, meat and vegetables, and the nutrients that they obtain from these help them sustain life. Here, they get their food from the sea, from the land and the air, where as they cook these and eat […] Read more »

Natural Bedbugs Remedies

Cleaning Infested Areas And Bed Bug Bites Solutions After hour of sleeping, isn’t it nice to wake up in the morning and start a brand new day? However, it is very frustrating to see your back and other body parts plenty of small sores due to bed bugs. Bed bug infestation is a common problem […] Read more »

Bed Bug Extermination Products

With the curse of bed bugs sweeping across the nation today and these little nuisance being officially declared as the pest of the 21st century, there are many bed bug extermination products that are launched and available for consumers everywhere. These bed bug extermination products range from technologically advanced to downright conventional. In this article […] Read more »

Bed Bug Traps

You may be thinking that your daily house cleaning habits especially in your bedding would make you totally free from bed bugs. However, there are instances when you or someone in your house, perhaps a visitor, can actually bring home a bed bug and start an infestation. Traveling is a known contributing factor to the […] Read more »

Bed Bug Extermination Process

Let’s face it. Bed bugs are really hard to eliminate. When you have confirmed that your suspicions are true that you really do have bed bugs, the first thing that you need to do is go to your computer, research for the best bed bug extermination deals and call them. Leave it all to the […] Read more »

How Does A Bed Bug Look Like

Bed bugs are insects that belong to a specific family known as Cimicidae where they are rightfully placed along with its nearest relatives such as bat bugs (Cimex pilosellus), and poultry bugs (Haematosiphon inodorus). The common bed bug is known scientifically as Cimex lectularius while the tropical bed bug is known as Cimex hemipterus. Despite […] Read more »

How To Avoid Bedbugs While Traveling

People usually spend their vacation off from work by going to different places and tourist destinations in or out of the country. Most of the time, they look for places where they could stay in which they can save a lot of money, meaning, they are looking for hotel rooms which are cheap and yet […] Read more »

Detect Bed Bugs With Dog

There are lots of insects residing in a person’s home, such that most of them are not usually seen since they are too small to be noticed. To name a few, there are mosquitoes, flies, and bed bugs that are most of the time found annoying. In connection to this, bed bugs are usually are […] Read more »

Where Do Bed Bugs Live

Parents usually tell their kids before sleeping, “Honey, don’t let the bed bugs bite!” This is an implication that bed bugs exist in reality and sleep right beside you in bed and attack when you fall fast asleep. Does this make the people aware about where these bugs really live? Or did it ever cross […] Read more »

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